How We Are Funded

Welcome to Therapy Tails a grassroots charity working hard in your community. Every dollar you donate to Therapy Tails goes towards the programs we provide. There are no executive salaries—everyone is a volunteer! There are no huge office operational costs—we run this amazing charity from our home office. At Therapy Tails every dollar is funneled back into our charity and the work we do. Every penny counts and is used to help an underpriviledged child read, or a stroke victim gain mobility, or a special needs person feel more love and involvement. Each senior we visit feels the power of the love of a dog, and remembers their own pets. Each student who participates in our anti-bullying program learns tolerance and respect. A $1000 doantion at a corporate charity may cover coffee at a meeting. That same $1000 at Therapy Tails pays our insurance so we can continue. YOUR dollars count, we receive no government funding, no United Way funding—just the determination that we know what we do matters and we will make it happen.